Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes, a Bad Date Can Pay Off

Sure, I’ve got the badass attitude and a habit of kicking strangers in the shins. But, really, I'm a fluffy little kitten with a huge sensitive streak. I’m known for welling up at the littlest thing, goofy enthusiasm, crying jags and happy dances. You might call it tempestuous or nutty, I call it cute.

When I saw that my classy-but-wacky friend Restaurant Refugee had been inspired by my evening with the Jew of Doom to hold a Worst Date Ever contest, I welled up a little. How sweet! But when I saw I was ineligible to compete, I sobbed a river of broken dreams. Then I remembered that I’d get to read funny tales of dates gone awry, and I perked up a little. Then I remembered that being an FOR (Friend of Refugee) was the best prize of all, and I returned to the giggly happy dances.

So, while I’m doing a gringo jig around the reception desk, y’all ought to head over to Refugee’s blog and read all about the contest. Because if you’ve dated someone worse than the Jew of Doom, then you’ve got a fair shot at winning.


Lemmonex said...

I am also ineligible, which is just too damn bad. Being asked to stick the tip in? Or maybe when I was told "I really seem like I needed to express myself"? Perhaps the guy who got VERY excited in college when his hand brushed again Mondale (aka my left breast)? Or my favorite: the man who said I was a "little too opinionated and aggressive for his tastes". Man...I suffer and no one gives me anything. Such is life.

Zipcode said...

oh good lord, I should be a shoe in for this medal.

Shannon said...

Lemmonex - well, you and I will have to give each other awards. How about, as dirty as it may sound, sausage platters?

Zip - Indeed, so go enter!

Anonymous said...

Lemmonex has trumped my worst date, which is saying something, believe me.

Shannon said...

Frecks - well, THAT was a buildup. Do dish!

Zipcode said...

I am going skankthread your thread or whatever you call it.

my new motto is this "Angry Hate Sex For All"
dating is for the birds..........

Shannon said...

Woo, a threadskank! Yeah, dating is for the birds. The real question is...we know birds do it, bees do it...but do birds have angry hate sex?

Zipcode said...

its been awhile since I threadskanked ya - did ya like it? haha

I doubt birds have angry hate sex. Lions I so - they growl really loud - omg where am I going with this.

I feel bad for the poor souls at kickball tonight, that ball is going to get kicked hard!

KassyK said...

Man, I wish I could write about the guy who told me about his giant cock on a first (and only) date and then told me I looked like I would ride it well and maybe we should "head to the monuments and watch the SIGHTS"

This was while eating. Sexy.

ICK. Hence why my usual answer while single to being asked out was..."Um, no thanks."

I despise dating.

Shannon said...

Zip - Canaries having angry hate sex. There's an image for ya.

Kass - OMIGOSH! That's awesome. I bet he wanted you to go to the Washington Monument so y'all could do a compare and contrast.

Shannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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