Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Results Are In...

...and ready for the three of you who still care about my bra size.

After last week's Great Bra Size Debate, the terms of the bet were renegotiated to allow for a recount. So off I went to Nordstrom, home of the mass-market upscale bra fitting experience. After repeated instructions to face the wall and put my arms out, I was measured by a clerk, verified by a manager, and forced to try on about two dozen bras. After all that, I turned out to be...a 34A. As ever, and ever shall be.

Sorry, Thunderbird. Better luck next time!

Also, I have never been so thoroughly sick of my boobs.


Daniel said...

Funny! Glad you got that resolved.

2 posts on breasts... Your traffic from google is going to go through the roof.

Anonymous said...

Boooobs! I just like saying boobs.

FoggyDew said...

I dunno, I think T-bird should take this to the Minnesota Supreme Court. That way the remeasurement could drag out for months and he could put off conceding until the 1st of the year. I think an independent auditor is needed here.

Shannon said...

Daniel - I look forward to hate mail from disappointed pervos.

justjp - I'm glad someone out there is still amused by my chest.

Foggy - Tbird is a lawyer - don't give him any ideas!