Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sexy Secretaries Always Get the Best Stuff

I really only have time for a half-assed update today. Which is sad, because I tend to prefer to go after things with my whole ass.

Instead, I offer a vignette:

Yesterday morning, when I walked into the office, there was a big box of Godiva chocolates waiting for me, in honor of Administrative Professional's Day.

Observation: Being an executive assistant on Administrative Professionals' Day has netted me more chocolate than seventeen years of dating.

Conclusion: My job rocks. Also, more people should give me Godiva in honor of my awesome-osity.


Brett said...

If you were still working for me, you would've gotten a Starbucks gift card.

And a hug.

So there.

Shannon said...

Brett - I'll still take that hug!

Velvet said...

Godiva's are expensive! Go, you!

FoggyDew said...

Ummm, chocolate with no strings attached.

Fearless in Toronto said...

I find that money works, every single time. It might be in the form of a card, but it's still money.

Amelia said...

Super jealous -- everyone in the office FORGOT about me yesterday! However, my signif other, bless her heart, sent me flowers in recognition of Secretary's Day, so I was happy despite the lack of office love. Glad you got the recognition I'm sure you deserve!

-- Lex's friend Amelia

Zipcode said...

well deserved choco!

Shannon said...

Velvet - Indeed.

Foggy - Well, I do have to continue to do my job. Is that a string?

Fearless - Yes, my affection CAN be bought.

Amelia - That's awesome! I'm glad my office remembered, though, I wouldn't have been to upset if they'd forgotten.

Zip - Thanks! Now I have chocolate and rogue cupcakes - this rate, I'll be diabetic by Sunday.

Shannon said...
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