Friday, April 17, 2009

Lazy Friday List Post: Something and Nothing

Nothing makes you question your own judgment like waking up on a Thursday morning, on top of the covers, in a floor-length satin nightgown and wearing only one shoe. Particularly when there were no sailors, moonshine, or streaking involved.

Something I’ve learned is that when my hair gets unruly, I’ll run into an ex on the Metro. If I look like a lumpy zitty frizzy little redheaded dandelion (with rapidly expanding gray-brown roots), then I’ll run smack into my ex-husband. It's like Murphy's Law of Metro Hotness: How good I look that day is in inverse proportion to the significance of the ex.

Nothing is lovelier than an authentic compliment. Few things are uglier than empty flattery, oozing with ulterior motives (many of which seem to involve the acquisition of my spirit or the removal of my pants). I wish I was better at knowing the difference.

Something I’ve never learned is to be as charitable and kind with myself as I am with others.

Nothing cheers me up like hearing from a long-lost friend.

Something tells me this is going to be a really good day.


Just A Girl said...

Similar to the bad hair thing - if I haven't shaved my legs in a week, the love of my life (week) will instantly want to have sex.

Shannon said...

JAG- And if your underarms are gnarly as well, Prince William will show up on your doorstep.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear a good day is in the works!

Shannon said...

Fiery - Unfortunately, I was so very, very wrong.

Brett said...

How could you not be delighted by the weather today? I've had a shitty week and even I'm smiling. What would make your day unsuck?

Titania said...

I am with Brett. Sun is out and shining, Friday state of mind has settled, tomorrow Saturday will be 75!... And, as someone told me once when I was very very cranky with a corny voice: "smile! somebody loves you"

If that doesn't work, a good kick in the ass for the guilty party will do

Patty Duke said...

There is nothing like having brunch on a Friday instead of Saturday of Sunday. (Eggcetra in Silver Spring), even if the omlet was overcooked. I is a beautiful day today.

Shannon said...

Brett - If someone could slice my workload in half, that would go a long way.

Titania - Ha! OK, I'm the one being grouchy and everybody's being all annoyingly sunshiny in return. It's like Bizarro Day.

Patty - And, it was Bunny Love day at Organic to Go. (And, also, sadly, the only time I've eaten anything healthy all week.

jman said...

Eating healthy or even healthily is vastly overrated. The act itself brings no pleasure.Maybe a little psychic self righteousness but one does not live on self righteousness, psychic or otherwise, alone. Indulgence, self or otherwise,on the other hand, is vastly underrated and should be engaged in more often. If only we were as charitable with ourselves as we are with our friends.

What I want to know is how you manage to write in the future because it is currently 7:31pm yet
your last post shows a time of 8:18pm. This could be your ticket out of limited meansville.

And while not questioning your judgment, what kind of a shoe was it?

Anonymous said...

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