Friday, May 02, 2008

The Results Are In: Who Has It Worse?

Yesterday's post set off a veritable comment firestorm of gender complaints, a few defections (I'm lookin' at you, Jo, and your orgasm-related sellouts of the girl squad), and the introduction of my new favorite phrase, "underwear monkey." But none of you care about that. You'd like for me to get to the point before your lunch break ends.

So, here the results:

Men have a grand total of 395 life suckitude points. (I Have Thoughts, men dying earlier than women wound up as 80 points, plus 5 for your charming use of math, my least favorite subject.)

As for the Side of Gyn, we came in with a whopping 440 points! And, lest anyone claims the deck was stacked in any way...this was without anyone even MENTIONING or awarding points for labor pains.

So, ladies, we have it worse. It's been quantified, settled, determined once and for all. Awesome.


Justin said...

If you take out 60 points for fear, men come out ahead.

If you then add 15 for having to read annoying male blog comment posters like me, it's a tie :)

Shannon said...

Justin, you're harmless, at least, unless you're secretly one of my hate, mailers. (Hate mail/weirdo cyberbullying, mostly a girl thing.)

But voting is closed!

Jo said...

Oops... my bad. We still won! But considering it was to find out who has it worse I'm not sure if that's good or bad.

Shannon said...

I know! Can't say I'm thrilled to be the "winner."

Justin said...

Do you really get that? Seriously? The only thing I'm tempted to do via email with you is flirt :)

Shannon said...

For which my e-bf would knock you e-butt out of the park, Justin! :)

Weirdly, if someone writes in to say they like me, they wind up in my bulk folder (not that I get fan mail in bulk). Hate mail, however, immediately bypasses the spam filter and goes straight to my inbox. Most bloggers get a wacko or two in the inbox. Mostly I get a good laugh and move on.