Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dude, Is She STILL Blogging About Nissan Pavilion?

Yeah, but this time is different: I'm proposing a solution. Clearly, offering fans who missed the show crappy lawn tickets to a venue hours away (on a weeknight!) just isn't good enough. Refunds do not seem to be forthcoming. And maybe no solution will mollify everyone. But I'm going to try. So here's my idea:

Contact everyone involved in the planning of this debacle: Radiohead, their management, Live Nation, Nissan Pavilion's staff, etc. (henceforth known as "the Debacleers"). Instruct them to drive out to a field in the middle of nowhere, accessible only by poky country roads, in heavy traffic. Before they go, they'll be told this venue was chosen because it is "green," despite the fact that it's only accessible by cars that will idle for hours on end.

Once they (eventually) arrive, they'll be chased into a small area by all the ticketholders from Sunday's show. Half the ticketholders will repeatedly dunk buckets of freezing cold water onto them, and the other half will chase them about with industrial-size fans. If anyone tries to escape, they will run into a phalanx of guys wielding batons, who will steer them in circles for hours on end.

Afterwards, we'll collect $50+ from each and every one of the Debacleers, and explain the event was billed as "rain or shine" and therefore no refunds should be expected.

Could this work? If you were there Sunday, would this make you feel better? If not, what would you do?


Anonymous said...

Remind me to never cross you in any way, shape or form.

I may now fear you more than I fear god, because god is merciful.

Shannon said...

Totally merciful, when you compare it to what we all went through on Sunday night. But hey, at least I got to catch some of the show.

Anonymous said...

I know...I'm just teasing you. I'd be pissed too and it would take me a LONG time to get over it. I tend to hold grudges.

Jamie said...

Actually, it looks like the August 12 show is in Camden! I had actually commented on DCist, BEFORE the show, that I'd rather go see a show in Camden than at Nissan Pavilion. Any show.

Okay, it's a little lame that they didn't also offer a refund option -- but in all seriousness, it's a great venue and it's only about 2 1/2 hours away. Considering that's how long it ALWAYS takes to leave Nissan Pavilion, and it's a much better venue anyway, it's not really a bad alternative.

Shannon said...

Thoughts, I'm pretty well over it, I'm just proposing this solution out of generosity of spirit. And a twisted desire to dunk water on some fatcats.

Jamie, the issue I have with that solution is that even people who paid out the wazoo for pit tickets are getting cheapo lawn seats. So, let's have Radiohead play a set either before or after they get dunked. Everybody wins!

Jamie said...

Well, that is a bit lame, but it may be they have no alternative. The show is already on sale, and I just checked Ticketmaster - only lawn available. Even Radiohead doesn't have the power to manufacture hundreds or even thousands of good seats when they've already been sold.

Anyway, I'm not going to stand here and defend them, since they never should have been playing in that hell hole in the first place. They should do more - make up the difference in cash, whatever, signed albums, wash your car for you, anything.

A special DC show at, say, Wolftrap for holders of unused Nissan Pav ticktes would be smashing. Don't see it happening though.

Shannon said...

Jamie, I don't have a car, so Radiohead can't wash it for me. But they can wash me if they want!