Saturday, July 19, 2008

Reason #949 I Need Chaperoning

Yesterday, as lunchtime approached, I caught myself thinking, "Gosh, I wish 7-11 sold sushi. That would be really convenient."

Yes, not only do I use 1950s teenspeak, I would voluntarily eat convenience store sushi.


Susan said...

7-11's in Japan do sell sushi. Yum yum.

Gilahi said...

When in NC, I once met a Floridian who was shocked that I was able to get sushi to go. Seems that with the heat and humidity down there, they had real problems with people taking just a liiiittle too long between purchase and consumption, so now sushi-to-go supposedly illegal in that state. No personal experience, just an anecdote.

By the way, Reader's Digest pays for those. No reason.

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

yikes - is the hospital near the 7 11 because you probably would have needed that if you had done that.

Only thing good at 7 11 is the slurpees

Ibid said...

How long have you had this death wish?

Shannon said...

Susan, I imagine they also sell anime porn and Hello Kitty stickers.

Gilahi...Reader's Digest will buy me sushi?

Zip - and the Slim Jims. Don't get me started on Slim Jims - they're nectar of the redneck gods.

Ibid - nothing can kill me. Or, possibly, I'm already dead.

maryjanejeff said...

7-11 Coffee is actually pretty good, for mass-produced convenience store coffee. By overall coffee standards, slightly better than average, if you get it just after it's made. Much better than the 64 oz for 99 cents you can get at Conoco stations in Western Kansas (you need all 64 oz too). But I wouldn't make a habit of drinking 7-11 coffee daily though. If in Columbia Heights, walk down 14th a few blocks to the DD. It's still borderline if you keep walking south but I've seen a lot worse.