Monday, January 28, 2008

Restaurant Week and The Girl You Marry

Butterfield 9 graciously extended its Restaurant Week through the 27th, so Tim and I had a chance to eat there on Friday.

Wow. Both of us opened with the scallops, which, oddly, was a little short on scallops. Instead it was a sort of mixed seafood dish. But it was very good. For our second course, I had a ridiculously tender braised beef (no fork required!) and Tim had the Hawaiian escolar. And the desserts were superb: sorbet for me, and something intensely chocolatey for Tim.

Best of all, the Restaurant Week menu included optional wine pairings for $19.08. As I am completely hopeless at figuring out what wine goes with what food, I welcomed the help.

Butterfield 9's most adorable quirk is that the hostess will lead you to your table via the most circuitous route possible. I swear we reached our table via a wardrobe, a sled, and in and around every single table in the restaurant.

The eavesdropping, which is what y'all are waiting for, was spectacular. About halfway through our meal, four mid/late-twenties men sat down at the table next to us. I had male roommates in college, and, in general, I usually get along better with men than I do with women. So locker room talk doesn't faze me. But free-form idiocy does.

One conversational snippet:
Guy #1: She does this really hot thing where she grabs onto my head.
Guy #2: Yeah, that's not the girl you marry.

Then Guy #1 went on to describe his new girl, "K." (Yes, I caught her name, no, I'm not publishing it.) K is funny "for a girl," smart, attractive and "refreshing." But she's "not the girl you marry."

Since when? Let me get this straight: she's smart, funny (I'll ignore the depressing "for a girl" part), attractive, and does hot things in bed. Isn't that the exact girl you marry? Unless you're looking for a lifetime of bland conversations and tepid sex, or you have a Madonna/whore complex to rival Roissy's.

So, let's make it our mission to find K. And let's find her a better boyfriend. I bet any of my single male readers would love to meet a girl like her, and she really can't do much worse than the joker she's with now. So, if you think you're K, or you think you know her, drop me a line!


Frankly, Scarlett said...

ooooo - i was there on Saturday! SSOOOOO good!

I had the soup, the sea bass and the passion fruit dessert. Yummmy!

Michael J. West said...

...So you saw him - what were the chances that K.'s boyfriend was a member of Late Night Shots?

roissy said...

if i'm on a date and the girl says something funny i will remember it for months afterwards.

that's how rare it is.

Shannon said...

Scarlett, the sorbet du jour was raspberry on Friday. It was AWESOME.

Mike, I bet he was the PRESIDENT of Late Night Shots.

Roissy, clearly you've never met me or any of my hilarious girlfriends.

Jack Goes Forth said...

I agree Shannon. I want to settle down with a complete freak in the sheets (among many other qualities.)

In my experience funny/rauchy women and freaky women tend to be the same. Looks are generally not included in that package though.

Shannon said...

Jack, to which I'd say...looks fade, and overgeneralizing will get you nowhere. Pick someone you can actually see yourself being able to have quality conversations with 50 years from now.

Shannon said...
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