Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Libertarians Think I'm HOT

My usual commute involves trudging, grumbling, and a form of meditation by which I pretend none of my fellow passengers exist (a necessity for me, the world’s most outgoing claustrophobic). Commuting is my rare window of introversion. Aside from basic manners, I take little notice of anyone or anything.

Today, I noticed one of my fellow Metro passengers was wearing flip-flops. I’m not a fan of "mandals" as it is, but who the heck wears flip-flops in January? I shrugged it off and started my walk to work.

When I was almost to the office, I heard a rapid thwack-thwack-thwack behind me. It was Flip Flop Guy! He was smaller than me, had floppy hair and a beard, and was wearing a blazer, jeans, and an enormous Ron Paul button. He kind of looked like that guy we all went to college with, the one who took women’s studies courses more seriously than the women themselves did. Then he complimented me on my skirt and dashed off. Only when he was down the block that I realized he had basically chased me across the street, in flip flops, just to say something nice about my outfit.

I love this town. Only in Washington can you meet fashion-conscious members of the political fringe.

Perhaps tomorrow a Mike Gravel supporter will chase me across Dupont Circle to ask where I get my hair done, or a Lyndon LaRouchie will buy me a coffee.


Kristen S. said...

Ron Paul, a Libertarian? Heeeelll no...dude's a Republican, plain and simple. So, Republicans think you're HAWT! But probably actual Libertarians do, too. ;)

And what's up with Mike Gravel coming up as the highest ranked candidate when I take one of those political quiz thingies? I mean, I am an actual Libertarian - I had no ideer Gravel had such radical leanings!

nwdc said...

I'm sorry...everytime I come to your page, it looks like it says "Librarians think I'm HOT"

kind of makes me chuckle

Shannon said...

Hrm, Kristen, you're right. I meant libertarian in a philosophical sense, vs. party affiliation.

And would any librarians like to testify to my hotness?

Kristen S. said...

Oh, no - I mean, RP is philosophically a Republican, too. On some things he may take the libertarian position, but he's a Republican.

Shannon said...

But Wikipedia says his philosophy is predominately libertarian! And Wikipedia is always right!

Oooh, boy, we're debating politics. Can't we just go back to making fun of people?