Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blog by Google

Like many bloggers, I marvel at the Google searches that bring folks to my corner of the Internet. A quick glance at my stats tells me:

I'm the Number 3 Google destination for "non confrontational Wikipedia."

I'm the Number 8 Google destination for "wedding trends 2009."

I'm the world capital, top Google destination for "Shannon Bex boyfriend."

And my absolute favorite: I'm the Number 2 Google destination for "my boyfriend thinks I'm high maintenance."

Maybe the Google Gods are trying to tell me something. Perhaps I need to devote more energy to weddings, combative online encyclopedias, and contestants from the ill-fated revival of Fame. Or worse, maybe my boyfriend really DOES think I'm high maintenance.


Mike said...

I've had 2 people find my blog by searching Google for "Disaffected Scanner Jockey".

I'm in ur Google stealing ur hitz.

Shannon said...

Or, it's me egosurfing to see who's linking to me these days.

Mike said...

Oh, sure. I didn't think of that.