Monday, April 28, 2008

Lazy Sundays

Did you know that it can be tiring to cook dinner for a dozen people? I sure didn't!

I have this slight tendency to overdo things. Did I really need to make fruit salsa AND cowboy caviar? Plus the cinnamon crisps and the pulled pork with the homemade slaw and vinegar sauce and...well, at least I punted on dessert, which was lovingly prepared by Shoppers Food Warehouse. After the famous Lemon Meringue Devils Tower incident of 2006, I avoid making desserts.

I spent all day Sunday in bed. The morning was spent recovering from the beer. The afternoon was spent recovering from cooking all day Saturday, and the evening was spent recovering from a late-night emotional sucker punch (what's a party without drama?).

And, really, Sunday was a great day. I hate dreariness, so I stay inside when the weather's bad. Multiple naps, sticking to the fun parts of the Sunday paper, and the bare minimum of housework required to keep my apartment from being smelly. I enjoyed the endlessly entertaining sexual double standards of 90210: Brenda loses her virginity, is happy about it, and is thereby rewarded with a pregnancy scare. That shameless hussy! Meanwhile, Brandon loses the big V and all he gets is a quick condom talk from Dad.

I didn't clean my apartment, I didn't clean myself, I didn't even change clothes. I wallowed, I napped, I dozed. It ruled.

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