Friday, November 16, 2007

Quirky Breakup Rituals

So, back to me and my fascinating problems. Today I focused on the high-tech end of the Breakup Process. I changed his name in my cellphone (To "Don't Drink and Dial"), switched back to being single/divorced in Friendster and MySpace-land, and put a bunch of zzzzz's before his email folder name so it would drop to the bottom of the list.

Is that weird? How weird? And does anyone else have a ritual they'd like to share?


Laura said...

I tend to delete him from my cell address book, block him from emailing me, delete all pictures on my cell phone, and never talk about him again. Hehe. :) Oh and I also never change my marital status from "single" in the first place; makes it less traumatic. Come visit me!

Michael J. West said...

Well, back when I had breakups, I would delete her from e-mail/phone/etc. on the same day as said breakup, on the theory that "I'd better do it now, while I'm still angry/bitter, so by the time I get nostalgic and wallow-y, there'll be nothing to wallow over."

That strategy only backfired once (meaning we got back together shortly after), but it turned out that the breakup and reminder-destruction wasn't nearly so stupid as the getting back together was.