Friday, May 08, 2009

Crowdsourcing My Hair

I suffer from a highly conflicted form of vanity: I don't really care too much about how I look, but I want a lot of attention for the fact that I'm not vain.

I've spent the last two days demanding that my friends choose my next hair color. Stick with the reddish, or go back to dark brown? Granted, these changes are so imperceptible that I'm more or less asking them to choose between ecru and bone. (What? Exactly.)

The scariest option so far has been that I return to my natural color (thanks, Tyler!). Sure...if I had the faintest clue what that was. In fact, one of the meanest things anyone can do to me in a round of Trivial Pursuit is ask, "For the pie...WHAT IS YOUR NATURAL HAIRCOLOR?" My heart stops for a minute, then I realize the joke. And I start to throw things. (I'm a little slow on the uptake...I had to be TOLD Spinal Tap wasn't a real band.)

Then there are suggestions that I get highlights, or go to a salon. No way...that's like saying I should upgrade from my Wal-Mart brand cocaine. Whatever a salon can do, I can do better with a $9 bottle of Feria, two glasses of wine, and some olive oil for the inevitable drips.
Now that I've written an entire post about my hair, it's time for you to vote. Red or brown? And, since I don't post photos of myself, many of you are doing this blind. That's what makes it awesome.


Patty Duke said...

Red definitly. Brown? thats like ordering Spagetti-Os at a fine Italian restaurant.

Shannon said...

Patty - Actually, it is sort of Spaghettio-colored at the moment.

Patty Duke said...

I think if you mix the presehnt color that you have now with a honey blond shade you get more of a strawberry blond shade. Or if you mix it with a mediaum brown you would get a more aubourn shade.

Disclaimer: I am not a beautition. take this advice at your own risk.

bh said...

Ah-HA. I've had enough female friends to know this is a trick question. There is no right answer.

I plead the fifth.

Shannon said...

Patty - Strawberry blond might be a bit much...but, hair dye washes out if you use Prell, so why not? Maybe I'll try it.

bh - Oh, that's no fun at all. Throw in a hair opinion on someone you've never met!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. I have no idea. I like the red. I like the brown.

I'm no help, I know. Sorry.

zipcode said...

i vote red again it makes ya sassy

Shannon said...

Frecks - I'll put you down as one vote for each.

Zip - OK, duly noted!

HP said...

Shann's hair is too dark to go strawberry blond at home and it would look bad with her eyebrows.

Also: I take exception to PD's jab at brown hair. Raven hued locks are where its at (sorry blonds and redheads!). So with that in mind, my vote is for dark brown.

Tina said...

Red, red, red, like screaming crimson, rocket red. Of course that is my vote because I've never had the guts to go that red myself. Strawberry blond is more my speed.

Shannon said...

HP - Are you making fun of my eyebrows again?

Tina - AWESOME. I'm going neon tonight!

Patty Duke said...

HP- I was born with brown hair and I hate it. My hair as been dyed every color under the rainbow, including some fruity colors. It's curently jet black. I have dark skin, so it looks fine on me.

Redhead said...

To quote the Millionaire Matchmaker (Patti Stanger, who I hate and love at the same time): "Redheads aren't the freshest produce in the aisle."

I still have red hair.

KassyK said...

Ah, I am naturally blonde and went from that to platinum in college, to strawberry blonde for a few years after, to auburn for a year, to super dark brown for over a year....

My current shade is nice--its this light/medium brownish-chestnut with blond in it. I guess that is my natural color but a few shades darker.

I would say it depends your on skin tone/color and eye color.

Red was so much fun and it worked terrifically with my fair skin...but dark brown and even rich medium/light brown I think is more universally flattering.

But then again...I am going back to blonde for the first time since 2002 when I get a job so I'm not much help.

Depends the red...if its Auburn--I say go for it.

And same with the brown--if its a rich chocolate--yes.


Also baliage is nicer than looks more natural and there is much less upkeep.

I did my red in the salon religiously for 4 years...but the brunette I did myself and I have not dyed my hair any color in over a year. Voila!

Going blonde? Back to the salon.

Some things you just can't fuck with.

Soooo what will it be?

Give me your vital stats and I will help. I love this stuff. :)

Word vomit!

KassyK said...

By the way--I have had every look in that comic. Sad.

LiLu said...

I like the red, myself. Sassalicious!

Just A Girl said...

I'm partial to red, because I had everything from auburn to burgundy over the last 10 years, but I actually just went almost completely black. Then again, my sister's a stylist so I get it for cheap and if shit goes wrong she fixes it for freeeee (beat that Walmart!)

Anyway, I vote red.

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