Friday, August 06, 2010

Trolley Tours: Because I'd Always Wanted to Be Nearly Squished by Someone Argumentative and Rude

I'm not one of those bloggers whose fingers fly to the keyboard every time I have a consumer ax to grind.

However, since Trolley Tours made it completely impossible to find a live human being to discuss this issue, I have to take it to the blogverse. Enjoy the sputtering fury.

Thursday, August 5. About 5:25 pm. 10th and F NW. Last digit of the DC license plate was 9, second to last was most likely a 4. Hard to tell, what with all the adrenaline.

I approached the intersection, and saw a tour bus to my right with its blinker on. I had about ten seconds left on the Walk signal, so I looked for traffic and stepped into the crosswalk. The Trolley Tours driver proceeded to turn right, even though I was in the crosswalk, and very nearly ran me over. I scurried across and did the raised arm "What the hell?" signal that Washingtonians have to master during tour bus "Pedestrian as Prey" season.

Most drivers shrug or apologize (if they apologize, they get a pass - if they shrug, I report them to their employer).

This Trolley Tours driver (mid to late 30s, African American, heavyset), argued with me. He claimed that I had crossed against the light (I had not, I had a Walk signal - it turned red while I was blocked and then dodging for my life). Moreover, shouldn't he have looked both ways for pedestrians before turning? I pointed out that I would have made it across before the light changed, had he not blocked me from crossing. Then he yelled at me a little more, made some angry hand gestures, and drove off.

When I got home, I tried to call Trolley Tours. Oh, how I tried. The number is unlisted (I also tried to call right after it happened), the website sends you to a phone number, the phone number sends you to the website, and pressing 0 sends you to some woman in Key West who tells you to call back another time. Requesting "representative" gets you dumbfounded silence, followed by a continued spiel on why I should really just get back to the Trolley Tours website already.

So, Trolley Tours. Breaking the law, wholly inadequate with the service, and argumentatively homicidal. Have I mentioned the company name is Trolley Tours? Trolley Tours, folks. Trolley Tours.

In the comments, tell your friends to use anyone but Trolley Tours.


Jamie said...

"I'm not one of those bloggers whose fingers fly to the keyboard every time I have a consumer ax to grind."

Lies!! :)

But that said, this is a serious problem. It seems like a month does not go by where someone gets run over by a bus in DC. I fully support your efforts to exact revenge. It's too bad you didn't get the whole license plate #, though, it may be hard to get any real satisfaction in this case.

As such I think you've done the best you can do already: internet badmouthing. It always makes me feel better and is a permanent black google mark for them.

Jamie said...

... and what's with buses making right turns on red, anyway? Can't that just be outlawed entirely?

Shannon said...

Jamie - Search this blog for Comcast. I've complained about them exactly 8,543 fewer times than you have. :)

Well, usually I take down the vehicle number, time, location, and date, and call the employer. Since this employer is completely impossible to track down, I settled for Blog Justice.

J said...

My morning started off by a bus from "RHG Logistical Support" just blatantly running a red light right in front of me. We'd both been stopped at it for a bit, and then the guy just guns it. Fun stuff. I snapped a pic of the back of it when I caught up at the next intersection (because that's how much good running red lights does), so we'll see if I can get some bitchin' in to his employer..

Jamie said...

That's only because you don't own a TV!

Brando said...

If you can't get through to the company, this might be worth reporting to the DC traffic authorities. If they're not adequately policing their own drivers, they can lose their license over this.

Shannon said...

J - Good for you! If all else fails, there's public shame.

Jamie - I own a TV. I just don't watch TV.

Brando - I'm not sure how much good that will do, as nine times out of ten a cop is present when someone tries to squish me in an intersection.

Robert said...

Did you call the 800 number or (202) 832-9800, the local DC office?

FoggyDew said...

I once had a Metro bus do something like this to me. Yes, I know, hard to believe a Metro bus driver behaving badly on the road, but it really did happen. I promise.

I emailed (WMATA actually has an online complaint email form) and, about a month later, I got a phone message asking me to call back. I did. Never heard anything else.

As for the evil that is Trolley Tours, these guys usually have set routes. I'd stake it out and then get his picture and post it. It'd be even better if he was breaking a traffic law at the time.

Mr. J said...

This makes me question wearing my Trolley Tours driver shirt that I purchased at a Florida flea market for $1 before I moved to DC. If you'd like to use it to burn a voodoo effigy, I might go along with it.

Alex said...

Just be glad it didn't explode.