Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Have a Blessed Day. I'll Wait.

First of all, how did my blog surpass 200,000 hits without my noticing? At the very least, I should have thrown myself a parade.

Anywhosits, longtime readers know that I have a talent for encounters with the differently sane. But a few weeks back, I experienced a true winner. Naturally, it was on the Metro, Washington's repository for the mentally overheated.

I trundled onto my train and took a seat. Between stations, my seatmate turned to me and said, "Have a blessed day." Assuming this was a farewell, I said, "You too!" I returned my attention to the Washington Post's Weird Disease of the Week Section (er, Health and Science).

This is where it gets weird. Instead of getting up at the next stop, she remained in her seat and stared at me. For the next three stations.

After a few slugs of my purse bourbon, I was able to formulate some theories. Perhaps she was a guardian angel, and wanted to remain with me to ensure that I had a blessed day. Maybe she was an elaborate social experiment. Or, maybe, she was so intent on my stunning new shade of lipstick that she found herself distracted and she missed her stop.

Or, she was just a loon. What do you think?


Brando said...

I would have liked to know how she would have reacted if you'd said "Aleikum Salaam! Allahu Akbar!" and then let out a blood-curdling ululation right there in the train car.

Congratulations on the hit count!

B and T Crowd said...

Good thing you didn't just say, "what the hell's a matter with you?" We don't need more brawls on the Metro. Of course if this wasn't on the red line, have at it.

Lindsay W said...

Once, I was walking down an extremely long hallway towards another person walking my way who I recognized from school. It was totally awkward. When we finally passed, she said "Jesus loves you".

I don't have any answers for you... but your encounter reminded me of mine!

Pauline said...

I was on a bus once when this guy turned to me and asked "Do you speak French?"

Thinking he needed directions or something I replied yes and he handed me a pocket bible in French.

Um thanks?