Monday, January 12, 2009

Yes, My Dad Is Completely Perfectly OK

Friday, I received the following email from my hilariously indestructible dad down in Costa Rica:

i m fine but wonder if they follow me iwas about 10 miles from the
epi i needed to straighen my pics and dust the
shelves any way about the same as the san fran one when thye
bridge fell i was i0 miles from center when i phoned
home in minutes after your mother spent 5 minutes telling me
about the quake in calif love dad

What, you aren't a fluent Skeeter-speaker? His emails read sort of like e.e. cummings poems, crossed with text messages from a preteen girl.

The message is that he got through the Costa Rican earthquake without a scratch. This was his second major earthquake - he was also in the 1989 San Francisco quake. He managed to find a payphone and call my mom, who gave him a breathless did-you-know report about...a quake in San Francisco. She apparently completely forgot that my dad was there on a business trip. (Which is still slightly better than all the times she addressed me by the cat's name.)

So, what have we learned? 1. Nothing kills my dad, and, 2. Earthquakes follow him around like stray kittens or disgruntled ex-girlfriends.


Lemmonex said...

I am TELLING you. Your dad is a cyborg, for reals.

Shannon said...

He really is - that artificial aorta thing came with one free Fountain of Youth.

LiLu said...

Glad to hear it, chica. Something about CR apparently... B and I narrowly escaped mudslides and flooding when we were there.

lacochran said...

The earth is pissed that your dad is indestructible. Can you please provide his whereabouts at all times so the rest of us can avoid disaster?

Shannon said...

LiLu - Yeah, Costa Rica does have its share of disasters!

Lacochran - At the moment, Dad is engaged in a battle to the death with Godzilla and Megalon. He is dressed as a giant foam fortune cookie, with flamethrower arms.

brandonsavage said...

Could be worse. Every time my dad gets sick, something terrible happens.

October 17,1989 (Loma Prieta) he had the flu.

September 11, 2001 he had the flu.

National security demands this man remain healthy...

Anonymous said...

ee cummings: i've decided to make that my new porn name

emmajames said...

Good to know your father's okay. And obviously utterly adorable in that fatherly way.