Tuesday, July 06, 2004


I've been sick for a month now - is that even biologically possible? Having a cold at high altitude is an interesting experience, thin air coupled with codeine is the cheapest buzz there is.

I've found that my dreams get really weird when I'm sick. Last night I dreamed that Matt and I moved back to Woodbridge and bought the house I grew up in. However, when we moved in, we discovered that the house was ten times as big on the inside as it was on the outside - sort of a middle class suburban TARDIS. It had a bowling alley, movie theater, stables, and an indoor swimming pool. I also had a dream where I was a roadie for Metallica, and another where I was a professional juggler. Analyses can be sent to mybrilcareer@yahoo.com.

I've also discovered that even with my supremely slack work schedule, when I'm sick I get nothing done. I Netflixed Chicago four months ago and have yet to watch it. My hair is a relative hill of kudzu, as I haven't cut it since I moved here. This website collects dust, my emails go unanswered, and books go unread. I haven't even watched a 90210 rerun in weeks. Instead, I chug Nyquil and tell people I've "got the consumption."

I'm hoping a return to normal altitude will help, as Matt and I leave for 10 days in LA on Saturday. I'll hopefully be more coherent when I return.

Some personal messages: Jason and Merrill, update your websites. Your bored housewife constituency needs you. Happy 1st birthday to Collin Queen, thank you to Rob Anderson for explaining penalty kicks, and everyone watch the Amazing Race premiere tonight!

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