Tuesday, April 08, 2003

No new 7th Heavens for two weeks, so here's some American Idol stuff.

By popular demand, here are the rules for my American Idol Drinking Game:

Judge Rules:

1. Drink every time Randy says a performer "did their thing."

2. Drink every time Paula says someone is "refreshing" or comments on how terrific they look.

3. Drink every time Simon gets interrupted or booed.

Performer Rules:

4. Drink twice if, when receiving negative feedback from the judges, a contestant asks the crowd for support.

5. Drink twice when Clay does his Eyelash Flutter of Humility

6. Drink twice whenever Kimberley Caldwell leaps or pushes her way into the frame.

7. Drink twice when anyone shouts "Ruuuuuuuuuben!"

Ryan Seacrest Rules:

Drink whenever Ryan claims any of the following untrue things:

8. That he is attracted to women.

9. That he is younger than 35.

10. That he is ad libbing.

And here's a poll. It seems like every week, there's a new American Idol scandal. Here are the contestants that have not been publicly humiliated. Vote on the next scandal!

American Idol Scandals

What's going to be the next big American Idol scandal?

Carmen drinks coffee

Kimberly Caldwell is a man, baby!

Clay sweats to the oldies

Josh is actually a security guard

Kimberley Locke was in a girl prison movie

Rickey has a personality!

Ruben is dyslexic and represents the 520, not the 205

Current Results

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