Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I Feel as if I Ought to Say Hello

I'm not going to do that annoying blogger thing and apologize for not writing. Instead, I'm going to do that even more annoying blogger thing, and tell you WHY I haven't been writing.

For the last month-and-change, I've been in ohmygodIcan'tbreatheswampedcrisisstaylatearriveearly mode at work. This has left me with very little mental energy to spare. Just so my readers don't feel left out, here are the other slack-ass ways I've been conducting my life:

1. As I walk home from the Metro at one ungodly hour or another, I wave hello to my assortment of clothes languishing at the dry cleaners'.
2. All invitations have received the same response. "I'll come if I'm not in a darkened room somewhere, stabbing myself in the nostril with Maybelline Lash Stiletto." I've never used the "maybe" response on Evite with such heady abandon.
3. All requests for help with menus, fete planning, weekend ideas, and other Queen Bee Social Chair items that I normally dive into get the response of, "Dude. Ask me again in October."
4. Mashed potatoes from a packet for dinner? I'm nostalgic for those classy days.
5. My life is ruled by mental countdowns. Two weeks from today, my hell season will be over. I will have my feet up and my hair down and my brain in utter drool mode.

So, it's not you. It's me and everyone else. I'll be back soon, and more obnoxious than ever.


Brando said...

I think the readers are going through Shan withdrawal! Glad it's almost over though.

lacochran said...

Oh, I totally thought it was you. But I never think it's me. ;)

And a "maybe" would have been nice. Just sayin...

Glad things are about to improve.

Shannon said...

Brando - You and me both, dude. Sheesh, I can't wait to be fun again.

Lacochran - Will you except this response as a maybe, of sorts, perhaps?

lacochran said...

Shannon: Absolutely! :) Come over if you can and we'll feed you and you don't even have to be pleasant. A little snarkiness always improves a get-together. :)

Dmbosstone said...

Hey I know what it's like when life is crazy- it's really hard to blog and read blogs!