Monday, May 14, 2007

And the Universe Continues to Spin Out of Control

When I last blogged, I talked about the toll boredom has taken on me. Well, it's gotten worse. Ever go through a phase where the majority of your plans dissipate into thin air? My plans for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday all pulled out at the last moment. It's like the universe has gone totally nonlinear! We're headed toward the collapse of civilization!

Yes, I know, it's perfectly OK to stay in and flip through magazines, or, better yet, go out and do something by myself. Sunday I saw some awesome Hawaiian music, walked through a manmade jungle, and bought the new Son Volt album.

I'm amused at how badly I flipped out about the loss of my carefully-laid plans. I'm a somewhat rigid person, it's a flaw I'm aware of and have put a lot of work into improving. I've gotten a lot better over the years. My prior change-of-plans meltdowns have mellowed into mild anxiety and a case of the crankies. I still like schedules and plans, and put a lot of time into organizing events for friends. I'm a shameless extrovert, and don't need a whole lot of alone time. Typically, I'd rather socialize with friends than hang out at home.

So I guess the universe is trying to teach me something. I could probably stand to chill out and spend some time at home. But, wow, I'm going mad with boredom. Stupid universe.

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