Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Well, it's time to present the Reality Show Concept Contest Winner! But, before that, let's meet the contestants:

David Rosnick submitted two programs:

1. American Idolater:

Contestants commit various acts of sacrilege, losers are stoned to death by the jury. Perfect fare for the nation on a crusade.

2. Who Wants to Lobby a Millionaire?

They're Senators. They get government pay. They get government health care. They get free postage. Now they get public housing off MLK Boulevard. C-SPAN is in the scene as the elite 100 try to form public policy while living off food stamps and dodging bullets. Will their kids be safe? Will their K street pals demand access so far from Georgetown? Will Ted Kennedy spill his 40 all over the new education bill?

And two from Dave Walker:

1. Debbie Organ Donor.

A new reality TV show where twenty terminally ill contestants compete for new organs to save their lives. Debbie the Organ Donor (also terminally ill) must decide who deserves the life giving organs the most. But at the end of the show, they learn that Debbie is NOT terminally ill and will not be giving anyone any organs.

2. Beat the Parents

A group of 13-16 year olds appear in a talk show format to complain about their parents. America votes on the worst parents, who are then summarily beaten by actor-activist Sean Penn. Hosted by the Menendez Brothers.

Dana Franks had one submission:


It will feature this really hot woman that all the men are after, because she's billed as a virgin who's looking for her first. Little do they know that Christina is actually Chris the Transvestite, pre-op, and (s)he's looking for her

Skye Stamey offered:

Eat an Eel for Employment

A Fear Factor for today’s job market. Contestants must eat a live eel for a two-week temp assignment.

And Byron West nominated NBC in the "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" category. Apparently NBC will be presenting "Who Wants to Marry My Mom?", where a single mom's kids choose a new daddy.

As NBC is ineligible, I will have to give the award to....(drumroll) Dave Walker for Debbie Organ Donor! Yeah, it's a bit lame to give the award to the guy who suggested the contest in the first place, but Debbie Organ Donor fits the Joe Millionaire mode: it's based on deception, is sick to its core, and involves a ridiculous twist. Congratulations, Dave! Please submit your recap request, bearing in mind:
1. It may be either a film or one episode of a television program.
2. If a television episode, it must be broadcast television, or you must provide me with a tape.

This was a fun contest - if anyone has additional ideas to tide us over until new 7th Heaven episodes, please email them to

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