Friday, March 21, 2003

A few announcements and things to tide you over until new 7th Heaven episodes:

First: Dave Walker has redeemed his prize and has assigned me to go see "From Justin to Kelly" - American Idol the Movie. It opens on April 25. Anyone want to go with me? ...I didn't think so. Until the review, please amuse yourselves with the official website. I heartily recommend the diary from the "Meet Kelly and Justin" contest winner, because 1. She's about 20 years to old for this 2. She has a husband named Marvin 3. She has severe word usage issues. People should never be described as "interactive." Video games are interactive. People are outgoing or friendly.

Second, I am going to New York this weekend. The program includes a Dave Matthews concert. I am taking bets on whether 1. I can get through the entire concert without giggling and calling Robert a teenybopper. 2. Dave Matthews will give a long boring speech about war.

Third, my social life has hit a new low. Last night, I attended the Science Writers' Poetry Slam. Don't ask. I spent an hour listening to poetry that compared the rotation of the Earth's core to virginity. There was no booze and minimal service. On the plus side, I have a very scientific hand stamp that will not wash off. It's like a Geek Scarlet Letter.

Finally, some ranting. This morning on the Metro, a middle-aged hippie dude held forth about the war to a train full of disinterested, grumpy commuters. Hippie began by saying that the war was "blood for oil." As my dear friend Kevin Dwyer points out, you cannot put blood into a combustible engine and expect to get any mileage out of it. Hippie was asked to shut up by multiple passengers, but nattered about his right to "free speech." Dude, your right to free speech does not include a right to be a pain in my ass and harass people in an enclosed space. Hippie topped things off by saying he "doesn't support our troops." Pick on the president all you want, but leave out the 18-year-old kids who are risking their lives so you can learn to hackysack and make your own soap. You're not helping your cause. Shut your fool mouth.

Also, after the competence displayed this week by our local government, I've determined that terrorists don't need dirty bombs to wreak havoc. All they would need is a fleet of tractors.

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