Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Updates, the "I'm Still Here" Edition

Wow. "See you in September," went straight to, "I haven't seen you since September!"

My life has centered around work, which I don't talk about for ethics/common sense reasons, and wedding planning, which is excruciatingly dull to anyone who is NOT planning a wedding. My colors are black and white with red and yellow accents, the flowers will be Gerbera daisies, and the menu will be....HEY! Come back here!

See my point?

Also, my fiance moved in with me a few months back, which has provided a lot of entertainment. He's borne witness to the hoarder machinations of Marvellous. Also, the blasting boiler heat in our building has meant sleeping with the windows open, which leads to a lot of local color. Like the dude vomiting/coughing/violently ejecting his lungs below us, or the couple arguing, or the lady honking...and honking...and screaming out her car pick someone up for church. Because nothing says "Jesus" quite like, "Get your butt down here!"

Most importantly, a great mystery has been solved. Have you ever wondered, "What happens when two people who buy disaster-ready, bulk quantities of toilet paper move in together?" Easy. They buy shelves, display their collection with pride, and dub it: The Tush Mahal.


Ty said...

Love it!

Titania said...

wow, that is one impressive collection. Welcome back! I was missing you

Alpha Za said...

haha, that tush mahal jibe made me laugh.

Lemon Gloria said...

Love the Tush Mahal! Love! I don't see why anyone wouldn't buy copious quantities of toilet paper. Not when there is Costco and Target and really just no reason not to.

Shannon said...

Ty - Thanks!
Titania - I missed you too!
Alpha - Thanks!
LG - Well, sure, until cocktail party guests start inquiring as to whether you're survivalists or militia members.

[F]oxymoron said...

...and that's a shit ton of toilet paper!

FoggyDew said...

For those of us who lived through the long, dark years of a post or two a month, this is no problemo. You know what I do miss? The snarky TV reviews. We gotta find you a new Seventh Heaven.

Shannon said...

Foxy - Point (and pun) taken.
Foggy - Sure, just as soon as I start watching TV again.

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