Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ask the Etiquette Vigilante

Since I'm now a semi-famous schoolmarm, I thought I'd turn that useful-but-unsexy reputation into a public service. I'm adding a semi-regular feature called, "Ask the Etiquette Vigilante."

Want to know how to cope when your married friends start bickering at the dinner table (I mean, aside from not ever getting married yourself?). Unsure how to politely turn down a second date with Mr. I Pick My Teeth at the Table? Wondering if you can bring your newish boyfriend to the Wedding Event of the Century, names listed on inner envelope be damned?

Look no further. Well, look over here: Send your dilemmas and awkward moments, I'll post answers.

Disclaimers: All letters are mine mine mine, to publish, or not. I may not be able to publish every letter, because sometimes I like to gaze at shiny objects or run off to find Shermer, Illinois. All letters will be open to reader comments...though as real people with real feelings are involved, I will monitor comments to make sure everyone plays nice and shares toys. Names may be changed to protect the innocent...and the guilty. The People's Court may be shamelessly quoted. Readers may shamelessly read to the end of the disclaimer to see if I say anything embarassing, so, fine...when I was a kid, I thought Oil of Olay was Oil of Old Lady. Also, I accidentally put my underwear on inside out this morning. Happy now?


Brando said...

Oh you better believe I'm going to be asking questions! I need a second opinion because Miss Manners is always cutting me down to size.

Brett said...

...Can we post the questions or email only?

Shannon said...

Brandon - Miss Manners is always doing that. How do you think I wound up 5'2?

Brett - Email is better, so I don't get called out for not answering questions. :)

lacochran's evil twin said...

So, you shouldn't pick your teeth at the table? Or you shouldn't pick teeth with the wrong fork? Which fork is the right fork?

Tina said...

ha - I am so taking you up on this - just you wait til you see the one I have for you.

Shannon said...

Lacochran - Never use a fork! Use a butterknife. Sheesh.

Tina - Awesome! Send it in.