Friday, June 04, 2004

Reasons This is the Best Week Ever!

A Colombian stepped on my foot. And then apologized. Normally, Colombians step on your foot intentionally, then march on.

We're going to a party tonight. The last time I hung out with this crew, I got a concussion and one of the guys yakked into a flowerbed at the Mormon Temple. Let's hope for something tamer this time.

My former boss made a bizarre allegation of anti-Semitism about a Congressman and it was in the Washington Post. People should shoot themselves in the ass more often. Especially people I don't especially care for.

I helped a friend pack out to go home. Boxes to the loading dock, then back was like the Hokey Pokey. But with back support belts.

The maid came today. I don't care if she cleans the house or not, she makes a great cup of coffee.

I've got Rainy Day Bon Jovi hair.

Finally, and most importantly, CREED IS BREAKING UP!!!! All those voodoo dolls and hexes weren't for nothing!

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